President's Cup
A - Freeedom - Everyone must drink
2 - Arms - Arm Jive
3 - Quartering - you must drink for each member of congress, minimum 1 drink.
4 - Search and seize - take one of someone else's discards as if you just played it.
5 - Due process - "Rhymes"
6 - Trial by jury - "I've never." # of strikes = # of drinks the loser takes; congress decides. If no congress, default to 3.
7 - Civil court - keep in hand: if someone makes you drink for any reason, discard it and make them drink twice that (sue them for damages)
8 - Cruel and unusual punishment - Waterboarding (waterfall)
9 - Inclusive rights - Make up a rule, drink
10 - Powers of states and people - add to President's Cup, and keep in hand: if someone plays a card you don't like, discard this and draw another card
Jack - Judicial Branch - Change (interpret) one of the rules for A-10
Queen - Congress - You (and if there are more then 8 people, someone else of your choice) are now a member of "congress." Each member of congress, each time a queen is drawn, gets to give out two drinks.
King - Executive Branch - Voting time! Each time a King is drawn, everyone points to who they want to drink the cup. Whoever is most pointed to gets a point as well as who drew the king. If anyone has more than one point when the last king is drawn, they drink the cup.

Which president am I?
Everyone has a note stuck to their forehead/back indicating which president they are.
Every time you guess wrong, you take a drink.
If you don't get it by a certain time, you chug/finish your beer.
If you cheat or straight up tell someone, you chug/finish your beer.